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Projections show online retail sales will increase heavily worldwide

in 2019





in 2022



- Statista, 2019

Brick & Mortar retail stores are plunging 


in 2019


of retail store closure in the U.S. compared to 2018

- Statista, 2019

And…That was before the Coronavirus
*smashed* U.S. retailers

Amazon – The Most Popular Marketplace in America


of Americans are Amazon Prime Members

in 2019

Amazon has 


Million Prime members

- Statista, 2019

in 2019

The U.S. Population is



- U.S. Census Bureau

Our business does more for your
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We help you grow

Who we are

  • We are not freeloaders
  • The cornerstone of our partnership is to keep your business growing
  • We are allies committed to support a durable integration in a fast-growing marketplace

What we do

  • We help implement a balanced & flexible strategy adapted to your business
  • We fully leverage Amazon platform to your advantage and drive your online sales
  • We fortify your business against online risks & help protect your brand

How we work

  • We uphold your needs when connecting your business to the marketplace
  • We establish data-based tactics raising your product’s conversion rate
  • We operate using industry proven strategies based on consumer behavior reports

What we can do for your business




  • Solidify your marketplace presence

A light marketplace position sinks sales – By implementing a series of measures leveraging Amazon mechanics we raise your product’s ranking weight so more customers see it first

  • Push traffic onto your online product pages

Losing traffic to competition? We advise and carry out strategic improvements to your products, imagery, copy and keywords based on consumer marketing studies and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies

  • Raise your conversions rates & sales

A small footprint limits traffic & conversion – We extend your customer base and support your B&M market by leveraging mobile technologies formats and your marketplace product display options

  • Control your brand integrity

Unauthorized listing modifications put you at risk – We routinely monitor your product’s listing to validate brand coherence, information accuracy and compliance with marketplace regulations

  • Enforce your pricing & distribution policies

MAP breaking price wars dilute your brand – By using specialized tools and software, we track & monitor your product’s pricing variation on the marketplace and to help support your distribution policies

  • Manage impairing & unauthorized elements

Unauthorized re-sellers can ruin your efforts – We help identify, manage & remove unauthorized sellers and support you in dealing effectively with marketplace authorities

  • Increase customer retention & repeat sales

Good reviews and client support compound positive effects – We deliver rapid responses to questions regarding your product and provide logistical support for product replacements and after sales services

  • Leverage social traction on your product

Accumulating negative reviews bring down sales like dead weight – We monitor your product reviews by actively managing bad reviews, remolding them into positive ones by providing dedicated client service. We request bad review suppression when applicable

  • Increase customer awareness & engagement

Regain ground – We advise and guide strategic adverts placing to maximize your product’s awareness in your marketplace sector

Working together

The Real Client Service

Like you, we know that Client Service is often thrown around, but rarely fulfilled

  • We provide services adapted to your business needs - there is no "one size fits all" solution
  • We make it simple - We help you make sense of the Amazon marketplace and understand strategies available to you
  • Your success is our business - Literally. Our gains come only from selling your products online consistently

We are facilitators - finding solutions to your problems

Our Expertise & Approach

We apply solid operational knowledge

  • We operate only using tested approaches based on reliable information
  • We leverage backgrounds from business management, behavioral science & organizational logistics
  • We apply the best practices developed from highly responsive operations centers

We don't do random.

Why trust us

We worked and learned from the Foreign Service

  • We were trusted by our country and given Top-Secret clearance to work for embassies abroad
  • We lead international anti-fraud detection activities & analysis (ex. Fraud documents, fraud organizations, ID thefts, etc.)
  • We established and maintained relationships with local & international organizations

We establish a relationship with you and your team

Close in your targets

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